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Houston Kid's Fashion Clothing was started from a dream to someday be able to stay at home with my 3 kids. My kids came to me with medical issues and it soon became apparent that with doctors appointments and many various other appointments keeping my job was not going to happen. I began thinking of what I like to do and what skills I had and where could they come together. In the middle of the night it hit me to open up an internet store and that I could work around all the appointments while I could be there for my kids.I have provided excellent customer service for many years in major corporations. I jumped right in and opened Ivey's Gifts & Decor. I learned a tremndous amount about the interent and search engines such as Google. I dismantled that store several times and rebuilt it with the information I learned.

I then decided that buying retail for my kids clothing was not feasible so I researched getting into kids clothing online with the knowledge I had learned. Houston Kids Fashion Clothing was born on May 11 2012. I like providing customer service and I get to provide you the service you deserve.I believe in the old fashion way of running a business where you the customer is #1. Houston Kids Fashion Clothing is structured in such a way that prices are kept low and free standard shipping is included with your purchase. I want to provide you with quality baby or kids clothing and customer service you will rave about.

I own 3 online stores 2 of which offer kids clothing and kids bedroom decor and the other is the online gift store. All products will have a shipping time shown on the page to help you know when you will get your items. If you ever want a product that is not offered please feel free to contact me and I will see if I can find it for you and get it at the price that you want. I want to hear the good the bad and the ugly from you so that I may make shopping with Houston Kids Fashion Clothing easy and pleasent. You may contact me at owner [at] with any questions or concerns. Houston Kids Fashion Clothng is located in The Woodlands Tx. The Woodlands is just north of Houston Texas. Find us on social media with #HTownKids and @HTownKids on Facebook and Pinterest and @HTownKids1 on Twitter   and Linkedin

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